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"The third session of the world hotel alliance conference" will be held in Beijing in November

Date: 2013-08-29

In order to further promote the development and prosperity of China and the world hotel industry, by the world hotel alliance, the travel channel, the Asia society, China FanLv group hosted the third session of world hotel association congress, the sixth world BBS and the world hotel investment summit on November 6, 2013-8, held in Beijing.
Reporter understands from 28 afternoon at a news conference, the conference's theme is "win-win cooperation, for tourism and hotel industry development new road", "world hotel and tourism policy report", "world hotel investment summit", "world hotel entrepreneur dialogue", "hotel designer summit", "CEO summit hotel suppliers" and "prize-giving grand ceremony of the fifth world hotel wuzhou diamond award" and other important special meetings and events.
In the press conference, board chairman of the CPPCC national committee, HuaYong investment group, the world hotel alliance li yong, chairman of joint chiefs of staff, said China is one of the world tourism power, under the background of national economic take-off will become the world tourism power. The rise of tourism cannot leave the development of hotel industry. Strong in the new economy and tourism development situation, the hotel industry should be how to face new opportunities and new challenges become the focus of the current topic. China world hotel industry only, he thought, better integration with the world, will only get better development.
It is understood that the fifth "world hotel wuzhou diamond awards" will also be held during the conference, the award by the world hotel alliance building, to the 2013 hotel, hotel investment and management related enterprise, as well as excellent enterprise in the industry of hotel design and good personal comprehensive objective evaluation, will further build and launch the world hotel industry's Oscar award.