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The Portuguese tourism administration plans to set up tourism office in Beijing to promote tourism

Date: 2013-11-05

According to the public reported in Portugal, the Portuguese's deputy prime minister Paul wave, 4, announced that the Portuguese tourism administration will set up a resident representative office in Beijing in 2014, to attract more Chinese tourists, so as to promote the development of tourism.
It is reported, wave, arrive in macau on 3 to participate in the BBS tanabe's Portuguese trade and economic cooperation, and in 4 talks with Chinese vice premier wang. Wave, said after the talks, the Portuguese government is trying to strengthen exchanges between the two countries, and wang Yang, the talks are "productive" and "very pragmatic". He said that in addition to the tourism industry, the Portuguese will also efforts will more goods into the Chinese market, including milk, dairy products, pork, rice and fruit.
Wave tower, said in the past decade, China's main trading partners in Portugal in the list rose 18, 2012, export growth to Portugal has played a decisive role. The sino-portuguese relations between the two countries, he said, because of macau's link role and consolidated, the trade between the two countries will keep growing in the future.