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The eighth wenbo will be kicked off in Beijing show area for the pas

Date: 2013-11-06

On November 6, by the ministry of culture, the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television and the Beijing municipal government jointly hosted the eighth China Beijing international cultural creative industry expo kicked off in Beijing, the capital theatre, in line with the aim of will and innovation form thriftily, a wonderful drama play performance replaced the previous opening performance.
This session of Beijing wenbo to "promote cultural trade accelerating economic upgrade" as the theme, the main exhibition hall is located in the China international exhibition center (the old pavilion), the exhibition time is November 7 to 10 days, a total area of 55000 square meters, set up 16 display area. In addition to the main venue, but also opened 20 at the venue, display an area of 165000 square meters, is the most of all. In addition, the wenbo will also hold the BBS "cultural creative industry development in China international BBS" and six projects BBS, 13 projects to promote trading activities and 14 games creative theme activities.
Compared with the past, this session of Beijing wenbo cultural connotation, rich in content and form of heavy economical, practical, authoritative and forward-looking, leading to further improve, rolled out and show a group of Chinese original culture brand and products; Focus on culture in the field of financial innovation, urged major industrial projects fall to the ground; By showing culture of innovation in the field of diversified, multi-level, many products and original works, stimulate and guide the popular culture consumption demand, expand cultural consumption market; Focusing on resource advantage of Beijing as the national cultural center, by industry development; Expand international cultural exchange channel, boosting Chinese culture to go out.
Beijing wenbo since founded in 2006, always service national cultural industry development strategy, give full play to the unique advantages of the capital and cultural center, promote the global and national cultural resources integration, to promote the development of Chinese cultural industry plays a very important leading and driving role. After 8 years, Beijing wenbo affects the emerging constantly expanding, the brand effect, has become China's culture industry national standard platform with international exchanges and cooperation. The wenbo meeting will be held on November 10, the closing.