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Beijing hotel bookings tops in the country

Date: 2014-08-20

August 13, the day of cellular announced in the first half of 2014 the international hotel booking and comment on user behavior analysis report, including Beijing as hotel bookings across the country's largest city.
Data show that the first five biggest cities in the hotel bookings from high to low in turn is: Beijing, guangzhou, Shanghai, chengdu, hangzhou.Steady growth of outbound travel passengers 3 areas, the rapid growth of the southwest and the east China area with the increase of second-tier cities people income, outbound travel boom has spread to the secondary cities, further southwest, east China and other regions.
At the same time, the reporter understands, this report combines the day cellular platform of tens of millions of users from 2013 to 2014 data, online questionnaire survey, and across the country nearly 1 million user reviews.In terms of overseas hotel bookings, the top 10 countries and regions respectively, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, Greece, the United States.The user of the hotel's overall satisfaction the top ten destinations are: Hualien, siem reap, Chiang mai, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, London, Rome and macau.