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The Yayuncun Hotel (Yayuncun Binguan) is located in the Asia Games Village, about 20km to the airport and 15km to the railway station. The hotel consists of 3 buildings, with 400 different guestrooms. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TVs, minibar, telephones and internet port. The hotel has Chinese and western restaurants. There are also various sized meeting rooms and a functional business center. For recreation. [View Detail]

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  • a622143
    Hotel OK, value for money right, that is when you take the elevator, the waiter did not remind the card, wait for a while.
  • jelimy2525
    Older hotel but clean, good location, Nice staff.
  • creeping
    Which is very nice
  • xiaoxiowang
    It's OK.
  • ganying179
    So, is too old
  • ialy1985
    In led elderly with out play, first station on decided to nest visit has, soon on found this hotel, regardless of is from pictures Shang also is evaluation Shang see of are is is good of views, plus this to of 5 a people has singular, found this shop just has three room, very meet I of requirements, so without on set this hotel of Oh! home people to has, said location is find, on in nest near does. room of facilities complete, for was live of standard, service notWrong, health feel is clean of, is refers to in where live a night, some won't does. but intends to yihou to there of when on to this hotel staying has Oh! for family holiday with of accommodation. home people back of evaluation leverage of, near shopping also is convenient, clothing live line are compared find, distance Metro station also is compared near of, not let people is tired. also has select North Star Village Hotel of reasons is, intends to night to Olympic see night, although Dang world with smallRain, but everyone was very enthusiastic to play. because I didn't go and upload pictures of some not very clear which is which room, in my opinion is the same as the good.
  • maggie_yangn
    Location neighbor to the bird's nest, around eating much, next to North Star Mall, location is good. because of old apartments and facilities were old and design style.
  • Alice1128
    Surrounding is very convenient, supermarket, it is 4 o'clock in the morning there was a knock at the matter?!
  • fairy22
    Pretty good! cook, live and around the city is convenient
  • nicoleviwa
    Old hotel, very little service and facilities, that is good, can not live
  • bobooobooo
    Standard player of the Asian Games Village Apartments, room pattern very well, with private balcony, good location, away from the bird's nest, water cube, very close to National Convention Center, next to North Star Mall, surrounding restaurants are very rich, and overall is quite good.
  • gorgeous
    It wasn't too bad
  • dialue
    Good location, from North Star shopping mall within walking distance away from the dining and shopping convenient distance to wuchao Olympic green space within walking distance of ... facilities, hygiene, service good location, Nice staff, recommended.
  • e01835401
    Room is big and can also
  • eugene_yiu
    Hotel location is very good, weekends are very convenient, vision or are within walking distance to the bird's nest, next to the North Star shopping convenience
  • jeaniewu
    Chaoyang district near the Olympic Sports Center in Beijing, bei SI Huan, the rooms are clean, offers scenic breakfast, convenient, near the summer palace and the old summer palace was 20km away.
  • A26538
    Very nice, not staying for the first time, but every time feels good! will continue to choose here, will recommend to friends. Really easy, the next opportunity would come.
  • amysee
    Not bad! is next to North Star Mall! bird's nest was near! nice!
  • apollo8196
    Hotels affordable, is the bathroom no tub, bath places or masonry pool, a shower got toilet water
  • cindy7921
    Hotel location, good, near restaurants, supermarkets, transportation is convenient, is the second stay at, but that hotel prices are slightly more expensive, breakfast is more expensive, there is insufficient water in the bathroom is not very good, and others are good,
  • bluebruce
    Friendly, facilities a bit old
  • fengjie516
    Mess described-how about hanting hotel or an orange, and next time do not take into account the
  • carolluo12345
    From the nest close to convenient, large hotel room, the surrounding environment is better.
  • e00086213
    Hotel location is OK, very close from the nest, but the room is very small, antiquated facilities, hygiene can also
  • catarc
    Very good very good very good very good very good
  • liumei4652
    Hotel is only to the Asian Games Village, village near points. photographs and reality gap is too big, would have changed the good the money is OK.
  • songyangxing
    Good good
  • M05654439
  • E00905294
    Room is small, health or good facilities too simple, cost-effective high
  • c21001
    Chen Chiu
  • Candy little
    Rooms have a faint musty, shower drain odor
  • bee0556
    Outside facilities good. the service is terrible, especially the front desk, seems to owe him money!
  • m00294765
    Standard room, is a large bed room, West on the corner of a room is oversized balconies. near the bird's nest, great, better than the economy
  • alexyou
    Good people more time to pay
  • fu01272000
    Cheap hotels facilities, hanging three-star hotel brand
    It's not bad
  • bensonxu
    Room was large, many suitable for occupancy
  • leonacn
    That room is so big, musty, booking two rooms, but the room was not arranged by layer, not satisfied with that.
  • Aivy828
    Very nice hotel ... first idea is pretty good, we used to see the General settings of the hotel, giving a fresh feeling ... clean, location not far from the workplace.
  • e01149286
    Overall, more convenient transportation, going out from the bird's nest is close to the Olympic forest park, and nearby there is a large supermarket shopping easy access, convenient bus stops in close proximity, hotel services are good for travel tourism residence. is supporting facilities are older, do not have a wireless network
  • runlai
    Room amenities of old, price is not high
  • little F
    Which is very nice
  • linda-00
    Not so good no hot water
  • sss889123
    Convenient, cost-effective.
  • angelacici
    Not close to the subway, not convenient facilities good, but old service and health. affordable, close to the bird's nest, suitable for tourists. can recommend.
  • misaojang
    Air conditioning in room next to the room, noisy at night!
  • loveyini
    Spent two days later for a room in the room across the Hall, same price different to enjoy. this room with a balcony, more room, bathroom was great, which makes me very satisfied. catch is still where there is no clothes, nothing on the balcony. Jack little.
  • BBamelia
    Hotel 20 years ago, lived in a late decisive change, would not comment.
  • dannis606
    Convenient! at reasonable prices, and good service!
  • CF1518
    Good location, easy to go anywhere, service is slightly less, check particularly slow