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China hotel section Don't stop the carnival

Date: 2015-02-04

China hotel section Don't stop at the teacher is teacher's day, the reporter has the journalist day, hotel practitioners will also have of time.Recently, Chinese investors alliance founded China hotel section, the attention of the hotel industry.Unlike official holiday, the holiday by ngo founded spontaneously, how it will be a holiday, is still in the air.
Related to tourism festival, in addition to the golden week of the year is 2011, approved by the state council non-statutory holidays - China tourism day, as a universal participation, the benefit of promotion, since 2011, a year after the May 19, is the tourist industry promotion of nodes, travel companies took out preferential policies to promote sales, the official organization propaganda civilization tourism, tourism law popularization education and so on, this holiday, for industry, have one more concentrated promotional platform and timing.
When it comes to holiday sales, compared with double "11" and two "twelve" online shopping spree, the electricity to create promotional section, the actual benefit more prominent.On November 11, the day of this year, taobao shopping "double a" carnival total trading as high as 35.019 billion.
If China hotel section just entertaining industry, is too narrow.In the face of all kinds of festival effect, hoteliers naturally want to China hotel section also can have the same effect, can be the carnival of hoteliers, more can become the collective promotion, hotel become hotel industry promotion for the node.Like many other tourism products, the hotel also has a special points, the off-season promotion, is almost in every hotel chain that cannot be ignored.
Question, however, when is the season of the hotel?Apart from different city hotel difference is very big, along with a city, different location of the hotel, the season is different.Each year in guangzhou, show a lot of size, size is differ, and close to the hotel during the fair exhibition site occupancy of nearly 100%.However, located in guangzhou city vacationing industry surrounding the hotel situation, on the other hand, special points is actually the difference between working days and holidays.So in the same period, different categories of different location of the hotel, it's hard to have unified season.Sanya, by contrast, the situation is different, as a tourist resort city, predominantly vacationing industry hotel hotel formats, season obviously, every hotel facing the tourist market and the same, thus unified promotion for them to choose the same time, more operational.
Simple will be the Chinese hotel day hotel room sales, although it sounds very good, but do not have mature operating conditions.
In fact, the holiday will do good, will not be easy.On the one hand, should be conducive to the industry development, on the other hand should meet the needs of the market.If it will be some institutions or in only a small number of hotels, apparently meaning is not big, also do not influence.But if, on the one hand, can help the hotel industry, to promote hotel brand and product services, benefit from the consumer insight into hotel industry on the other hand, let the consumer benefit, and, more importantly, can also warm care to employees.In this festival, for example, the hotel practitioners can get from the customer's praise and affirmation, harvest a kind regards, presumably this holiday, can produce greater influence, social effect and economic benefits double harvest.

When China hotel practitioners or will have its own festival, senior hoteliers have approved it, I think this approval is more of a hope, hope industry to create more value at the same time, to be able to further win public understanding and social acceptance, and, in fact, the rise of an industry, how can you leave these?The carnival