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Date: 2014-11-17

In July 2012, Beijing hotel management data delivery
In July 2012, the Beijing star hotel occupancy rate to an average of 68.3%, compared with the same period last year dropped by 1.0%, increased by 9.81% compared with last month.
The 2012-08-14
In May 2012, Beijing hotel management data delivery
Star hotel in Beijing in May between the average price of 530.1 yuan /, increased by 9.9% than the same period last year.Increased by 1.30% compared with last month.
The 2012-06-17
April 2012 Beijing hotel management data
In April 2012, the Beijing star hotel between the average price of 523.3 yuan /, with increased 10.1%, the average occupancy rate of 58.1%, fell 2.01%.
Beijing hotel industry: seek breakthrough under siege
Beijing hotel is "over" in 2009, the international financial crisis and the a/H1N1 flu once let high star hotel occupancy battered, but as a series of marketing measures, high star hotel in prices showed a trend of "pick up" at the same time.
The 2010-01-27
Tourism recovery is still difficult to reach the hospitality industry Beijing hotel
Financial turmoil sweeping the world, although this past Spring Festival golden week travel market shows signs of recovery, but on the economic environment is more sensitive to the hospitality industry still inevitably met with in the spring.
The 2009-02-20
Borrow the dongfeng Beijing hotel in gold
STR Global daily statistics show that since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, finally got rid of the early stage of the Olympic Games of Beijing hotel market downturn, a burst of strong performance.
The 2008-08-19
The Olympic Games in Beijing hotel
As the race into the climax of the Beijing games, the Beijing hotel industry especially above three-star hotel also emerged the trend of steady rise.As will all competitions on the stage, the Beijing hotel occupancy is also present a steadily rising momentum.According to the relevant departments of the estimates that during the Olympic Games, there will be 500000 foreign tourists, plus domestic tourists into Beijing, hotel hotel during the Olympic Games will enjoy a good meal.
The 2008-08-17

Beijing hotel extension peak has the best hotels in more than 10 to one hundred days
The upcoming Olympic Games to Beijing brought great business opportunities, this is most golden, notably the tourism as an important part of the hospitality industry chains of the tourism industry but also understands that.In the face of such a demand peak in hotel for many years, the millennium, shangri-la, hyatt, starwood, sofitel, marriott, Hilton and accor almost all international hotel will be before the 2008 into the upscale hotel market in Beijing.
The 2008-03-14
AFP: the 2008 Olympic Games to Beijing hotel industry profits
According to agence france-presse reported on May 16, 2008, the Olympic Games in Beijing in August for the local hotel industry has brought great benefits, Beijing hotel room reservation record, room prices.