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'Sweep code check hotel sheets' enlightenment and value

Date: 2018-09-08

Along with the rising tourism consumption demand, housing demand is increasing, how consumers can rest assured use towel, bed sheet, bedding bag, such as hotel linen, become the tourism industry, hotel industry and the public highly concern.Recently, the China green hotel "net core" project started, in xi 'an and hotel reservation platform and more than 50 hotel took the lead in xian, after consumer hotel, use their phones to scan "net put core" smart chip, then know that the sheets hotel linen products such as washing and replace state.

Hotel linen products such as towels, sheet is replaced by the regulation, is related to the consumption experience and the legal rights and interests of consumers, is clearly not a small matter.Many consumer joked about his discovery in a hotel on the Internet is the repeated use of experience of bed linen and towels, with consumer and even forced to take hotel towels, sheets, and a tangle and embarrassment in the discourse.

Last September, a professional assessment organization staff to stay in Beijing, 5 five-star hotels with special contact seal mark on the bed and bathroom a number of places and mark can only be seen under ultraviolet light, but it is easy to wipe to wipe clean.The next day another staff member to the five hotel check-in, found test mark is still there, so 5 hotels utensils without cleaning replacement.The evaluation after the exposure of the evaluation results, functional departments and involved hotel after inspection check list, think the exposure do not exist, the matter later.

Compared with last year's monitoring action by the professional evaluation institution, the start of China's green hotel "net core" project has two different: one is that the former is the third party monitoring, mainly embodied in the hotel enterprises to carry out social supervision;Which is organized by industry, hotel reservation network platform and hotel enterprise collaboration between normal working mechanism, mainly embodied in the hotel industry, the enterprise to strengthen supervision and promote the optimization and upgrading of the formats.Second, the former USES the means of monitoring technique is unitary, the latter using the intelligent chip technology has high authority, reliability, can more effectively promote the intelligent service level hotel, better protect the interests of consumers and won understanding and support of consumers.

Social supervision and professional supervision of the tourism, hotel industry is essential at any time, and the form of social supervision and professional supervision and means also needs to constantly strengthened, and the industry organization, tourism, hotels, enterprises make full use of modern Internet of things, big data, such as artificial intelligence technology to strengthen supervision, promote the optimization and upgrading of the formats, sustained and healthy development of tourism, hotel industry has more internal driving force.Work these boils down to is a starting point, take the customer as the center, by means of scientific and technological innovation, in order to eliminate the pain points of consumption, improve consumer experience as the guide, provide consumers with green, health, trust of tourism products and services.

When you stay in a five-star hotel, you don't need to use news reporter investigations of kung fu, also need not like a professional assessment organization make special mark in the room, and just do JiSao sweep a qr code on the towel, bed sheet, you can know whether room supplies compliance, clean, rest assured.When consumers get such experience, tourism, hotel industry from the real "take the customer as the center" is not far away.