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Economy hotel change OYO hotel business model to new ideas

Date: 2018-09-10

Recently, the new hotel chain brand OYO hotel announced in China has layout "cities thousand shop".It is understood that in the year to August, OYO hotels in China, the number of the hotel has more than 1250, more than 75000 rooms.From November last year launched the first OYO hotel in shenzhen, just more than half a year's time, OYO brand of the hotel has 140 cities across the country.

Economy hotel development in China for 20 years, chaining wave, their every hotel brand.OYO hotel how from the magnitude of home inns, hanting, jinjiang veteran players and the way home, pigs and other accommodation industry new attack find vitality, and rapidly growing?

Aimed at "neglected market" economy hotel means of win-win situation

According to statistics, in 2017 China's economy hotel CR10 (top ten brand market share is about 65%, combined with the market, the high volume of the, so to speak, chaining is still in the field of economy hotel is a have not yet been discovered buried treasure.

However, these are "forgotten" budget hotel, such as scattered mountain is located in the valley of jiangnan terraces, let join the traditional model of "large harvest equipment" helpless: many hotel rooms, the staff structure and finances also can not meet the minimum standard of joining most of the traditional chains;And let the hotel to join standards, the hotel industry mainly quite costly renovation and join in cost, and this is obviously contrary to many of the owners of "small business" business philosophy.

OYO is aimed at the hotel this is intentionally or unintentionally "ignored" of the market, through the "chaining" to join model, rapid and economic renovation stores as well as the flexible and efficient operations management system, and quickly gain the attention of many economical monomer hotel owners.In joining OYO hotel hotel owners, both cross-border management of the new entrants, there are also immersed in the hotel industry for many years, accumulated a good experience for a veteran of the business.To join the OYO hotel model, many wine shop owners are welcomed, and actively participate in the OYO hotel launched online brand activities.The owner of the support and OYO hotel brand to promote each other, help business growth accelerated, in the past three or four months, to join the brand stores have been growing at double a month.

While maintaining high growth, OYO hotel also to put forward the room number of league, the threshold of the infrastructure software and hardware requirements (for example, guest room number between 30 above, must be equipped with air conditioning, WIFI and other hardware facilities, etc.).On the one hand, the threshold is much lower than the vast majority of hotel chain brand on the market, but also avoid the effect of lack of standard hotel guest experience.According to OYO director of hotel operations, senior vice President of li bin is introduced, the current team of more than three thousand people in the company, about two-thirds more than are members of the business department.In OYO hotel planning, the recent expansion of every quarter or joining stores can nearly doubled, rapidly expand greatly enhance the credibility and brand value;And large and efficient team, can guarantee the hotel complete transformation in join in half a month, joining the cost greatly reduced;In OYO hotel current franchisees to mass, basic can guarantee every two stores to arrange a resident manager, help hotel to obtain professional and targeted marketing and management strategy.

Multi-channel promoting achievement, is OYO hotel at the beginning of the operation, quickly into the benign and sustainable development track.

Start with "franchise", a distinct advantage to join

In current OYO hotel products, most of the guest room price fluctuates in 150 yuan, medium and small scale of economy hotels.This kind of hotel is the "base" of hotel industry pyramid, large number, but problems such as the threshold is low, lack of the standard.If in the traditional way of joining in this hotel, not only time-consuming, and often difficult to achieve expected return, the more likely to lead to homogeneity serious and difficult to highlight the consequences of competitive advantage.

OYO hotel, therefore, adopted a "franchise" mode, while keeping the hotel itself characteristics and advantages, at the same time, help the hotel owners to solve to join the high cost, lack of standardized, professional operation and lack of management ability and so on spot.For example in the center of the xi 'an OYO both hotels, the opening nearly a decade, with nearly 100 room hotel, guest room is belong to high quality standards.If you want to join the comprehensively according to the traditional model, not only waste the room costs, the hotel also cooperate with transformation must be closed for at least six months.

After comprehensive comparison of multiple brands to join mode, hotel owners, finally chose OYO hotel renovation is limited to the scope of shop recruit and room linen and other products.Not only such, OYO hotel after evaluation, responsible for the full cost of the hotel renovation, through the mature and efficient supply chain system, completed within half a month time hotel renovation.