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10 km national championship finals (Beijing) supplementary notice

Date: 2016-08-24

By the Chinese track and field association, infront sports culture media (Beijing) co., LTD. Jointly hosted 2016 xtep joy 10 km run, China's tournament will be on September 4, 2016 held in chaoyang district of Beijing Olympic forest park.In order to do a good job in games organization will now related matters notice is as follows:
A register,
1, each unit in China had registered players, register in Chinese track and field association website, stop 14 days before the registration, registration will not be accepted.
2, domestic entrants amateur athletes, please according to the 2016 xtep joy run, China's 10 km championship contest regulations require login (www.happy10k.cn) for online registration.
Second, the schedule
After September 2 afternoon 13:00 (location: Beijing beichen Asian games village hotel)
On September 3, technical meeting The referees meeting
(time: at 10:00 am on September 3, 2016 at the location: the Asian games village in Beijing beichen hotel)
On September 4, opening a gunshot 08:00
Before September 4 PM check-out from the meeting
Third, to report for duty
(a) in order to better prepare 2016 xtep joy 10 km run, China's championship (Beijing) of the security work, please each team (team) registered in China had the specific number on August 24 for the telephone or by fax to inform reception departments, in order to arrange accommodation, the organizing committee for each team up to 1 3 men 3 women athletes and coaches of accommodation), all personnel round-trip transportation provide for oneself, the organizing committee has no pick up service.
(2) 2016 xtep joy to run, each 10 km championships (Beijing) events of China's time is scheduled for September 2, 2016, 3, 4, three days, the organizing committee of the reception time only to arrange hotel accommodation (each team up to provide 1 3 men 3 women athletes and coaches), and the rest of the expenses that exceed personnel room rate is RMB 520 / standard rooms, meals, 240 yuan/person (including on September 2, dinner, lunch and dinner on September 3rd, September 4, Chinese food).The organizing committee will not be responsible for arranging the Chinese athletics association athletes to Beijing for the accommodation registration, please teams solve itself.
The organizing committee of the contacts: Zhang Guo one
Hotel name, said: the Asian games village in Beijing beichen hotel
Hotel address: Beijing chaoyang district beichen east road no. 8 on the east side, close to beichen shopping center
(about 19 kilometers away from Beijing south railway station)
Contact telephone: 134 8885 6868
Fourth, the matters not mentioned herein, without prior notice.